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Get to know Végéta'Ly

Welcome to the Végéta'Ly universe

Welcome to the world of Végéta'Ly

Végéta'Ly is a brand of vegan chocolate and confectionery that pays tribute to black women and Africa in an Afro-futuristic universe.

representation femme noire sororité humanité


Represents the value Sorority, it is the mother of humanity (Eve)

indépendance, femme noire futuriste divinité


Represents the value of Independence, it is also a queen and a deity

femme noire afrofuturisme, guerrière


Represents the value Equity, she is a warrior and an activist

Together they are unity and transport us to their Afro-futuristic universe to make us discover chocolate and confectionery from another galaxy.

Femmes noires, illustration sororité


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