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 Ava & Lily
The Chocolates

At Végéta'Ly, we work with 100% pure cocoa butter, gluten-free and palm oil-free chocolate to offer our customers  top quality products while remaining environmentally friendly.

Our spreads are made from hazelnuts from Piedmont. Recognized as the best in the world, this hazelnut offers an intense taste and fragrance. Its fine and persistent flavor sublimates our spreads.

Vegetable milk chocolate bar with hazelnuts
Bewitching black woman



White chocolate with vegan coffee and made in France
Black woman playing the harp


Chocolate bonbons

Vegan hazelnut praline spread, made in France
Black sorority women who smile



To compensate for high temperatures, Végéta'Ly is committed to ensuring the transport of your chocolate products in packaging provided for this purpose. Thus, the good behavior and the preservation of your delicacies is assured for 48 hours.

We advise you* therefore strongly: 

  • If you live in Lille region to promote click & collect or delivery in 24h.

  • If you live in another region or in Belgium: prefer delivery in 24h or failing 48 hours maximum.

*This recommendation is only valid if your order contains chocolate.

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