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Meet Lily

Whether it's end-of-year gifts to build customer loyalty, honor your employees or even corporate events (seminars, congresses, product launches, etc.) Végéta'Ly helps you find the gift of ideal company.


Discover our exceptional chocolate: vegetal, refined, 100% pure cocoa butter, it comes in "milk", "white" and "dark" versions to suit all chocolate lovers. Also discover our fruit jellies with tangy, round and original flavors to surprise your partners.

Finally, let yourself be tempted by our flagship product: Bakoa, hazelnut praline spread. Made from hazelnuts from Piedmont, it will delight your employees.


Tailor-made offer 

Végéta'Ly offers you a tailor-made offer: from 100 copies, let's put together your box of fruit jellies or chocolate for a personalized and original gift.


Végéta'Ly also offers a special catalog for your company that you can find by clicking on the section below.



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